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Issa  and Jenin

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our love story

Over the course of their teenage and young adult lives, Issa and Jenin always knew each other. Whether they ran into each other with mutual friends or would chat at SF State about their shared business classes, they were just acquaintances and nothing more. It wasn’t until New Years Eve of 2017 that the two found themselves at the same party at Issa’s Aunt Abeer’s house where they ended up spending hours talking and laughing together. They debated Lebron vs. Steph Curry and Drake vs J. Cole. Issa followed up after New Years to ask Jenin on a date, to which she eventually declined. After that, the two went on and the connection that sparked at Auntie Abeer’s dining room table became a memory.


August of 2021, after not seeing or speaking since New Years 2017, Issa decided to take a leap of faith and shoot one more shot with Jenin. What started as a “Hey Jenin! It’s been a while. How’ve you been?” message has turned into history. The connection between the two was instant and unavoidable. Issa’s favorite quote would back him up “‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ -Wayne Gretzky by Michael Scott’” (Jenin also immediately regretted declining that date back in 2017). It didn’t take long for them to undeniably fall in love and realize that they were each other’s one.

Issa proposed on January 7th 2023 on a stormy and windy San Francisco night. Issa planned a regular date night and planned to propose at the Palace of Fine Arts. Once seeing the weather, Jenin gave Issa a hard time to leave, even texting him "Do we really have to go?" just before Issa was picking her up. After facing the wind and rain, Issa was able to propose and then took Jenin to an intimate dinner. What Jenin didn't know was that more surprises were to come. Issa had planned a surprise party with their family and closest friends to celebrate the night.

Issa and Jenin are so excited for this next chapter in their lives and cannot wait to celebrate their marriage with all of you!